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A report of scheduled productivity, progress, and scheduled objectives is available.

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Design for Main Controller Program (®©)

The initial design document for the core component of®© project's software. Now obsolete, but useful for historical purposes.

By:           SoldierByte®©, (XX-Name CONFIDENTIAL-XX)
Date:         May 11, 2012 Originally designed by SoldierByte®©
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      (.ps 8,620 MB), .doc (128 k), HTML
Bookmark:     Main Controller Design

Specifications for the®© Component

Up-to-date engineering spec for the®© component. This document is always kept in sync with software updates.

By:           SoldierByte®© (XX-CONFIDENTIAL-XX)
Last updated: As per required.. XX-CONFIDENTIAL-XX
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     SoldierByte®©

How to add new users to the®© group

Instructions for establishing new user accounts, setting the appropriate permissions on the file server, and propagating changes to all project member machines.

By:           SoldierByte®© (for) Designated personal
Date:         March 21, 2012 - Originally designed by SoldierByte®©
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     How To Add Users
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Prototype for feasibility study

Project output for Q1 deliverable.

By:           SoldierByte®©
Date:         June 10, 2012 - Original concept by SoldierByte®©
Distribution: Internal
Formats:       .zip(739 MB)
Bookmark:     Feasibility Prototype
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File compression and decompression utilities for creating archives under Windows.

By:           PKWare
Date:         April 03, 2012 - Obtained by SoldierByte®©
Distribution: External, Shareware
Formats:      .exe (943 MB)
Bookmark:     PKZIP
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Has already appeared in an external publication.
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HTML    web page (HyperTextMarkup Language)
.ps     PostScript
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.rtf    Rich Text
.zip    archive file for Windows
.tar    archive file for UNIX
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